Will you enter in?

Tell Me this, will you enter in? Will you take off your old clothes. I tell you, come. Enter in! Will you? Come and put on the new clothes I have prepared for you. Come be washed and clean. Will you? For lo, I have made the way. I have made every provision. Yet know this, you must decide to enter in. Enter into My presence. Enter into the holy of holies. I would that all My people, all My children, yes all My beloved would come. Yet many refuse. For they refuse to let go. They refuse to release and drop off the rags of the world. They refuse to be fully washed clean. Do you not know? You have been made a king and a priest. You have been made acceptable by the blood of the lamb. I ask you again, will you? Will you enter in and offer up yourself to Me? Will you offer up yourself fully? For that is My desire. For in doing so, YOU become that sweet smelling sacrifice. You become that offering of praise to Me sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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