Have I planted it?

Am I not the master gardener? Have I not broken up the fallow ground of your heart? Tell Me, have I planted it? Has it not grown? For lo, l have. I have planted it. Will you come and walk with Me? Will you walk with me in the garden of your heart? For I love to spend time with you there. Let Me point out to you the beautiful, wonderful and marvelous things I have planted in you. I say come, walk in the garden with Me. Yes, I will prune away some things. Yes, I will even pluck out that which must go. Yet know this, I will also plant that which is new in you. Just listen to My voice. Spend time with Me and know Me. Fo as you do, I will cause your garden to flourish. It is the place I desire, the place I long to be sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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