Month: July 2018

Do you burn?

What do you burn? Do you burn with a desire to know Me? Do you burn with holy zeal and fire? Have you been set ablaze by and with Me and My spirit? For lo, many burn, yet they burn with a desire for… Continue Reading “Do you burn?”

Will you spend it?

I ask you this, what will you do? Will you spend it? Will you spend your mind on the things of this world? Will you spend it on the flesh and self? I say to you, spend your thoughts on Me, My will and… Continue Reading “Will you spend it?”

Have you laughed?

I ask you this, have you laughed? Have you laughed in the midst of the storm? Have you laughed in the midst of the drought? For I tell you, in famine and destruction you shall laugh. I say laugh. Laugh in the face of… Continue Reading “Have you laughed?”

Who has spoken it?

Tell Me, who is it? Who has spoken it? Has it been I? Has it been another? For many would try to speak for Me, yet they speak out of the soulish realm. Many speak out of self and flesh, yet I have given… Continue Reading “Who has spoken it?”

Will you let Me take you?

Will you? Will you let Me take you higher? Will you let Me bring you up into the atmosphere of new fresh air? Will you let Me give you eagles wings? Will you let Me bring you up into the atmosphere of where I… Continue Reading “Will you let Me take you?”

How are your bones?

How are they? Can you tell Me? How are your bones? Are they fat and full of life? Are they dried up and dead? For lo, My word is health to your bones. You see, many are dead. Many are just white washed tombs… Continue Reading “How are your bones?”

What are you?

Are you precious? Are you holy? Are you set apart and sanctified? Well then let Me tell you this, you are also an alabaster box. For you carry that treasure in a earthen vessel. Many do not see it. Many do not know or… Continue Reading “What are you?”

Is it finished?

Tell Me, is not My shed blood enough? Did not I fulfill all? I did! For nothing was left behind. No, nothing was left undone. I have said, it is finished. I took it all. I paid it all. I removed all hindrances and… Continue Reading “Is it finished?”

Am I new?

Will you contain it? Will you control it? Will you break it in pieces? Will you destroy the mold that man has tried to put Me into? For lo, many have tried to contain Me. Yes, others have tried to control Me. Yet know… Continue Reading “Am I new?”

Do you trust Me?

Do you trust Me? Do you trust My word? Do you trust My spirit? Then stand fast. Hold your ground. For I have given you the victory. Have I not said, one will put a thousand to flight and two will put ten thousand… Continue Reading “Do you trust Me?”