What does it mean?

What does it mean to you? What does it mean to be My disciple? What does it mean to be My beloved? What does it mean to be a joint heir? Tell Me this, what does it mean to crucify the flesh? For there are many who truly do not know. There are those who know but have become deceived. For far too many have become blinded and choose to only look through the veil of the flesh. I say to you, be not deceived. Allow Me to open your spiritual eyes. Allow Me to reveal to you what it truly means to be mine, to crucify the flesh, to be My beloved and My disciple. For I will show you who you truly are. I will cause you to see yourself as I see you. Yes, I will open the eyes of your understanding. Just come boldly before Me and ask. For I will give to you. I will give lavishly, abundantly and without reproach. For you are My child and I love you sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

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