How are your optics?

Can you see? Is it clear? Is it blurry or out of focus? Tell Me, how are your optics? Many can only see but little. For they filter EVERYTHING through the eyes of the flesh. I say to you, let Me rip that away. Let Me give you new optics. For some it is just too far out to see. For others they just lost view or focus. I say call upon Me. Let Me give you the eyes to see. For I will be your optics. I will cause that which is impossible to see in this realm to be seen. For I will give you a new point of view. See with the eyes of faith. For I will bring all into view. I will bring all into focus. I will cause all that seems too far and impossible to become more than possible and closer than it appears. Have I not said it in My word? Then know I will accomplish all I have said and promised sayeth the Lord.

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