Have you done it?

Tell Me this, have you? Have you done it? Have you flexed your spiritual muscles? Have you exercised your faith? Have you exercised your authority in Me? For lo, many of My people have become weak, small and emaciated. For far too many have failed to use that which I have given them. For I have said I have given every man the measure of faith. Yes, I have said all authority I give to you. Come, stir up the gifts inside of you, begin today. For as you begin to use that which I have given you it will become stronger and stronger. I say, rise up. For I have given you all things. I have created you to be an example of Me, yes to be Me on this earth. So come, show Me forth. Show Me forth in spirit and in truth. Show Me forth and do all I have done and greater. So as you may bring Me glory, honor and praise sayeth the Lord

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