Will you stand upon that?

What is it you will stand upon? Will you stand upon that which is firm and solid? Will you stand upon that which is eternal? For lo, many have chosen to stand upon that which is unstable. For they chose to stand upon the arm of the flesh, that which seems right to a man and the world’s systems. I tell you this, heaven and earth will pass away yet My word will remain forever. Will you stand upon that? Will you stand upon My word? Will you stand upon the rock that the builders rejected? Will you stand upon it in faith? For as you do, you shall not be moved. As you choose to stand firm and be firmly planted in and on Me nothing can shake you loose. For you stand upon that which is eternal. Stand upon My strength, My power, My spirit and all I am. For though all else would fall around you, I will hold you. I will keep you and you shall be seen and known as mine sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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