Is there a limit?

I ask you this day, is there a limit? Is there a limit to Me? Is there a limit to My workings? Is there a limit to faith? Yes, yes there is! For you are the one who puts limits upon Me. Man has limited Me by his unbelief, doubt and lack of faith. My people limit Me by their minds, thoughts, emotions and what seems right to a man. That gets in the way. Yes, I am a limitless God. So believe Me. Believe My word. Did I not say, ALL things are possible to them that believe? Am I not the creator of the universe? Than what is too much for Me? I say, put down your pride, put down selfishness and flesh. For as you lay all down and just trust and believe Me, I will do all that seems too much and impossible. I will be, I will do and I will work limitless, mighty and great things in and through you sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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