Has it broken?

Has it broken? Has it broken forth? For lo, it shall! For it shall break forth just as the sun breaks forth upon the new day. For lo, I tell you, this new wave of My spirit has began to break forth. The first small rays have broken forth, some here, some there. Yet know this, soon, yes soon and very soon, My light shall flood this nation once again. My light shall cover this earth again. For I will flood this world with the light of My love, My spirit and My glory. Do not look at the dark. Do not take notice of that which fades away. I say, look and see. For it has broken forth, watch and see. For though it may only seem but a few small rays, soon it shall be a flooding, blinding light that transforms all. All will be exposed before it. Nothing will be able to hide and I will be magnified and glorified sayeth the Lord.

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