Am I good?

Am I? Am I good? Why yes, yes I am! For I have said in My word, there is none good but Me. I have given My very best for you. I have given you the very best. I have said, it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Can you tell Me what I have withheld? No? I say look at the truth of My word. For many have listened to the lies of the enemy, the world and their flesh. They have attributed so much to Me that is not. I tell you, it is the enemy who comes to kill, steal and destroy. I come to restore, to give life and hope. I say, listen not to another. For the enemy is a liar. Yes, he is the father of lies. Come unto Me. Let Me show you all I am. Let Me prove My word to you. For I am good. I desire you and long for your relationship. I say come, know and realize that EVERY good and PERFECT gift comes from Me and I do love you so sayeth the Lord.

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