Where is your treasure at?

Have you seen My handy work? Have you seen the stars? For I placed them each by My own hand. Yet I have seen you. I have formed and fashioned you and know you by name. I have counted each hair. There is nothing hidden I do not know. Remember, while you were yet in sin, I loved you. Oh, the plans I have for you. Oh, the purposes and desires I have for you. Oh, to see you come into all I made you for. For you are a jewel in My crown. You are My special treasure. My love for you is endless. My love for you is boundless. As the stars in the sky are innumerable, as the grains of the sand of the sea are unfathomable, so is My love for you. It is far surpassing all you could ever imagine. I say, let Me come and love you. Let Me in and love on you. For I desire the best for you. For My heart has always been towards you and for you sayeth the Lord.

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