Let Me do it!

Will you? Will you let Me do it? Let Me love on you. Will you love Me? Love Me for who I am and not for that which I do or have done. I say come close. For I will draw near to you. Let Me do it! Let Me do all I desire. For My desire is for you. My desire is to bring you into the fullness of all that I designed you for. For there are those who will not. They only see themselves through their own eyes, through the eyes of the flesh. I say, let Me take you. Let Me hold you close. For I will cause all that does not belong to drop off. I will cause all to fall away and be as dung that is not of Me. Just let Me do it. For in yourself it is impossible. Know this, with Me ALL things are possible. Just let Me do it and watch as I do all that seems impossible. For I will, yes I will do great and mighty things to, in and through you sayeth the Lord.

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