Can you sense it?

Can you sense it? Can you smell it? Can you feel it in the air? For lo, I tell you this, the first droplets have began to fall. For I tell you, the first droplets have began to fall, for I am sending forth the former and the latter rain. The clouds have formed. I say watch and see, for the rains will come. I will rain down upon this earth. It will be the rains of revival. The rain of My spirit will flood this globe, this nation, this state and this city. I tell you this, all will be impacted. I say, be ready, be prepared. For those who are mine will be swept up and catapulted into a new realm of Me. Those who are not, yet say they are, will be swept away. For I tell you this, the rains will come. The flood will appear and I will separate all those who are truly mine from those who are not. Just come, be ready, be full of Me, My love and My spirit and watch as I do a great and mighty work sayeth the Lord.

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