Have you consumed it?

Have you eaten My flesh and drank My blood? Have you eaten that hidden manna? For too many of My people are full. They are full of things other than Me. Too many of My people are full of milk. They are reliant on others to be bottle fed. I never intended My people to stay as babes. It is time to eat that which makes you grow. Fill up on Me. Fill up on My word. Fill up with My spirit. Allow it to become a part of you. Consume the fat and drink the sweet. Those who eat My flesh and drink My blood, those who devour my word, they will endure to the end. They will have the strength to continue. They will be full of My oil. They are the five wise virgins. I tell you, begin today. For I do love you. Seek Me while I may be found sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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