God’s Glory

As the dew falls to the ground, so I desire to cover My people with My glory. As the sun so warms the earth, so I desire to warm the hearts of those who know and seek Me. I say to you, as the waters cover the sea, so shall My spirit cover the earth. I will flood this nation once again. The hearts of the people will be drawn to Me. For lo, the prayers have gone forth. I have heard the cry. I have caused the blockages to be removed. I say, speak forth. Speak it out. Decree a thing so that it may be established. For I will drop down upon My people. I will cover this nation. I will encircle and encase this world once again. For the time is at hand. I will cause those who have not seen to see, those who have not heard to hear and those who have not known to truly know and understand I am God. I am love. I am the way, the truth and the life and I love My creation sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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