Have you built it?

Have you built the altar? Have you laid the wood in order? I say to you, has the water been poured upon it? For I tell you, the lines have been drawn. For there are many who worship false gods and idols. They desire to see a sign and a wonder to prove to all who they serve. Yet they sing, dance and worship in vain. I say to you, those who truly love Me, those who worship Me and Me alone, I answer by fire! For I will consume the sacrifice, I will consume the wood. I will consume the water and the stones. For those who love Me and give their lives to Me, I answer by fire and by My power. You just stand with Me. You just allow Me to take care of all those who proclaim a false gospel. For though they have, are and will be offended at you, I am your defense. I am the God who answers by fire. I will consume you and set you ablaze for all to see sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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