Are your eyes fixed?

For I tell you, many have lost focus. They have lost sight of who they serve. They have lost sight of whose they are. I say to you, fix your eyes upon Me. For when you do, all else will become as nothing. Too many have began to focus on that which is around them. It is then they begin to sink. Many have lost focus on that vision I have given them, so then they turn to the right or to the left. I say to you, let Me restore your sight. Allow Me to remove the scales of self, doubt and unbelief. I say to you, let Me give you eyes to see. Fix your eyes upon Me. Fix your eyes upon all I have said and promised. For remember, I do not lie. It will come to pass. Let Me restore your vision so as you may accomplish everything I have placed in you and in front of you. For My plan is and always has been to bring Me glory in your life sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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