Have I spoken to you?

I say, let Me speak to you. Let Me open up My word and speak to the deep parts of your spirit. For I will show you, I will speak the hidden things you need to know. For My word is alive, it is sharper than a two edged sword. I say, allow My spirit to Move in and through you. For He will guide you and speak only what I say. I tell you this, I will cause My word to come forth. For it will not return void, it will accomplish all it is set forth to do, for I will speak forth the hidden things necessary for you. I will speak and reveal exactly what you need for you to go forth and do. Just listen, open your ears and be attentive to My voice, for I will reveal all to you in due time. I will reveal My heart, My plans and My purposes in you, to you and through you sayeth the Lord.

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