What will you do?

When no one is around and it is just you and I, what will you do? Will you choose to seek Me, to spend time with Me? Will you choose to do that which makes Me happy? For many choose to do as they wish. Will you choose to follow My leading? Will you follow My spirit? It is the quiet times, the times that you have to spend alone with Me. Yet many fill it with so much of their own desires. I say, lay down your life. Lay down that which you desire and seek Me. Spend that intimate time with Me. As you do, our relationship grows. I will be known of you. I will reveal more of myself to you. I ask you today, what will you do if all falls away? What will you do if all falls around you? Will you joy in the God of your salvation? In famine and destruction will you laugh? For as you spend time with Me you will find peace, hope, joy and love. You will have a friend that never ends, that will never leave nor forsake you. For I am that friend. I am your God, Your King and I never fail sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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