Have you walked it?

Tell Me this, is it easy? Have you walked it? Have you walked this path before? I say, the path that is easy is the one that is comfortable. Will you come? Will you come and follow Me? For lo, I will take you into a new path. I will cause you to blaze a new trail never taken before. No, it is not always ease. Yet know this, I will cause you to triumph and overcome and walk in a newness you’ve never walked in before. Just remember, I will lead you. Yes, I will guide your steps. Abide in Me and walk by faith. For I will take you well beyond all you could ever ask, think or hope for. You just push through, persevere and remember, those who endure to the end shall be saved. I have so much more for you. Yes, so much to share with you. So much to take you into. Just believe I am and I will do all I have promised and said I will do sayeth the Lord of glory, the Lord God of heaven and earth!

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