Have you desired it?

Have you desired the things I have for you or have you desired Me? For many of My people have been taught to desire the gifts. Yes, gifts are good and you should desire the best ones needed. Yet, it is far more important to seek and desire Me, the giver of the gifts. So many desire what I can do for them. They lose sight of desiring Me for who I am. I say to you, desire Me, desire My Spirit, My fire and My Word. Those who desire Me find Me. Desire to continue in My presence, to dwell in the secret place, to hide in the cleft of the rock. For those who do, will never be put out, they will never be put away. For I have said, draw neigh to Me and I will draw neigh to you. Desire Me as I desire you. Love Me as I love you and watch Me work mightily in and through you sayeth the Lord.

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