Have you fallen short?

Have you ever been in lack or without? Did I not say I am your all-sufficient one? For you see, you lack NOTHING in Me. I have given you every good and perfect gift. You have the kingdom. Does not the child have what the father owns? I tell you, allow Me to open your eyes. Allow Me to reveal to you who you are. The earth is mine and the fullness thereof. I have given you the fullness of My Spirit, life and life more abundantly. It is now time for you, My people, to take it by faith, to believe it, to know it and to become all I have created you to be. In Me there is no lack. I have given you every spiritual blessing. I have given you My Holy Spirit. I have made you Kings and Priests. The enemy is under your feet. So walk today, walk in that which you are, My beloved child, sayeth the Lord.

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