Who has set it?

Who has set the limits? Has it been you, religion, doctrine or the world? Am I set by limits? NO! I am an infinite God, Creator of heaven and earth. Too many have done all they can to limit Me, to put Me into a box. Have I not said in My word, NOTHING is impossible to them that believe? Stop listening to those around you. Do not listen to circumstances and situations. For I will make water flow from a rock. I will make the waters go hither and tither. I will do that which seems impossible. For in those times I will show myself true and strong. Remember to trust in and rely on Me. For I am faithful to perform all I said I would. For I am the God of all creation, the God who loves you. So stand firm in Me and let Me do that which seems impossible to and for you sayeth the Lord God Jehovah, the Lord of hosts.

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