What will you see?

What is it? What will you see? Will you see the here? Will you see the now? Will you see the storms, the winds and the waves? I say, look to Me. I say, look at Me. I ask you, will you see the future I hold? Will you see that which is not as if it was? Stop looking at that which is today and gone tomorrow? Lift up your head. Yes, lift up your eyes. Look to the hope and future I have for you. See with the eyes of faith. See with the eyes of My love. See with the eyes of My spirit and My word. I say this, unless you see it, you cannot walk to or in it. So come, look and see. See all I have done to you. See all I have done in and through you. See all I am able and willing to take you into. For My love for you is great sayeth the Lord.

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