Have I spoken?

Have you been listening? Are your ears attentive? For I have spoken, I have spoken to your heart. I desire to speak to you as a friend, face to face. Will you listen? Will you wait on me? Will you be still and know I am God? Will you be still and know Me? There are too many who desire of Me, yet do not desire Me. They know of Me, yet refuse to know Me. I have said, My sheep know My voice and another’s they will not follow. So listen, listen to My still soft voice. Listen to what My spirit says. Allow Me to unstop your ears. For it is the humble heart that seeks to know Me. It is those who are broken before Me I use. They are the ones who dwell in My presence. So come, come unto Me. Let Me be to you a friend. Let Me be your king, your God. For I desire you. I have desired you from the foundation of the world, from before you were formed in the belly sayeth the Mighty Lord of hosts.

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