Month: April 2018

Will you receive it?

Have you asked of Me? Have you asked in faith? So, when will you receive it? For My word says to believe that you receive it in Jesus name. Are not My promises yes and amen? Then stop doubting. For faith is the substance… Continue Reading “Will you receive it?”

Have I settled you?

Have I settled and established you? Yes, for I have established you are My own. I have set My seal upon you. I have marked you and bought you with a price. I have settled the matter of who you belong to. For you… Continue Reading “Have I settled you?”

Have you understood?

Have you heard My voice and understood what I said? Have you honored Me? For I tell you, many of My people have come to the place where they can see the promise, yet they cannot enter into it. They have forgotten Me, forgotten… Continue Reading “Have you understood?”

Have you hidden it?

I tell you, that is what you must do. You must hide My word in your heart. For when the pressures come, that is what must come out. Remember, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. I did not say there… Continue Reading “Have you hidden it?”

Holiness week 27 – by Tanner age 18

Any attempt to live a holy life besides through God’s grace is your idea, your intellect, your own strength, your righteousness. In Isaiah 64:6 it says “…our righteousness is as filthy rags.” The word says in Romans 13:14 to “put ye on the Lord… Continue Reading “Holiness week 27 – by Tanner age 18”

Have you walked it?

Tell Me this, is it easy? Have you walked it? Have you walked this path before? I say, the path that is easy is the one that is comfortable. Will you come? Will you come and follow Me? For lo, I will take you… Continue Reading “Have you walked it?”

Is there none?

Is there none to restore you? Yes, yes there is, for I am the God of restoration. I will restore you to the place you once were. I sent My Son to restore man unto Me. I say, restoration is available to all, to… Continue Reading “Is there none?”

Have you any meat left?

Let Me give you more. Allow Me to open My word up and give you the deep things. Allow Me to reveal the secret things that penetrate your heart. Let Me wean you from the milk. Allow Me to take you to the thick… Continue Reading “Have you any meat left?”

Does your heart sing?

Is your joy complete in Me? For I have given you a song, a song of rejoicing. It is a new song, a song of the spirit. For every time you say My name, every time you bring Me to remembrance, every time you… Continue Reading “Does your heart sing?”

Have you desired it?

Have you desired the things I have for you or have you desired Me? For many of My people have been taught to desire the gifts. Yes, gifts are good and you should desire the best ones needed. Yet, it is far more important… Continue Reading “Have you desired it?”