Will you walk in it?

Let Me take you beyond the natural realm. Let Me take you to the supernatural. For I have said, the same works I do you will do also, yes, even greater works. Let Me take you into a realm of My spirit you have never experienced before. Let Me take you into a place of glory I have reserved just for you. I have intended and made you to walk in the spirit. You are to be in this world but not of it. To walk in the supernatural not the natural. To abide in My presence continually. So as you submit your life to Me, you allow Me to take you from glory to glory. You walk in victory to victory, always taking ground, always moving forward. So let Me take you up hither. Allow Me to take to you to the high ground, to ascend the hill of the most high, so you may dwell in My presence continually with Me sayeth the Mighty God of heaven and earth.

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