Do you have eyes to see?

Let Me open your eyes! Let Me give you eyes to see that which is unseen. For lo, many walk around with blinders on, many walk with the veil of the flesh covering their faces.  They cannot move forward into that which they do not see. They cannot move forward in the supernatural. Their faith is limited and disjointed. I say, allow Me to give you new eyes. Let Me give you the eyes of My spirit, so as you may see the unseen. That way you may step into and walk into the realm of faith. For when you see that which is unseen, you move towards that which is not as though it already is. For I am willing and ready, let Me give you new spiritual eyes to see. Ask and I’ll give to you. For you shall walk by faith and be led by My spirit into a new realm of who I am, into a new realm of who you were designed to be sayeth the Lord.

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