Will you be?

Will you stop striving and just be? Stop striving in the flesh. Stop contending to be My child. For way too many are “working” on being My child. Either you are or you’re not. Have I not said, you are adopted? Have I not said, Christ is the first born of many brethren? I say, it is not about works. It is not about works of the flesh. I said, come to Me in faith. Come, rest in Me. Trust in My spirit to lead and to guide you. Just follow the leading of My Spirit. He will lead you. He will guide you. He will teach you all things. I say focus on Me. Focus on your relationship with Me and be, be My child. Do not forget, I correct those I love. So just trust Me. Allow Me to do the work and be My beloved child. For I love you so much sayeth the Lord.

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