Have you used it?

Have you saught Me? Have you asked of Me? Well, what do you expect? Have you put your faith in action? Many just let it sit and stop there. It never moves forward. I tell you, put your faith to work. Many have put the fuel in, yet never started the engine. So I say, start that engine. Praise Me. Thank Me. For remember, faith believes it is done before you see it. Do you not realize, praise is your faith language? For you put forth your faith when you praise Me and thank Me before you see it. Remember this, without faith, it is impossible to please Me. So take hold of that which is unseen and bring it into this realm. Watch as you speak in faith. Praise Me in faith. For I will accomplish My word. It will not fall to the ground. Believe that you receive and see all I do sayeth the mighty Lord of hosts.

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