Will you let Me burn?

Let Me fuel it! Let Me be the fuel to My fire that burns within you. I say, be full of My word. Be full of My spirit. Be full of My love and all I am. For know this, out of your relationship with Me, you create an atmosphere and fuel for Me to use. For when you spend time in My word and in My presence you build up and build up the kindling for My fire. I will saturate you with the oil of My spirit. I will cover you and overflow. I said I will baptize you with the Holy Spirit AND with fire. I say, My fire will be set ablaze not only in you, but on you and through you. For I will blow upon that which you are full of and you shall be consumed and set ablaze for Me. All those around you shall know. All those around you shall see. For your life will bring Me glory, praise and power sayeth the mighty Lord God of hosts.

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