What have you fed?

That which you feed the most becomes biggest and strongest. So, what have you fed today? Will you feed on Me? Will you eat the manna from heaven? Will you fill up on My spirit, My word and My presence? Will you fill up with Me and your relationship with Me? Too many of my people have fed a lie. Too many have fed their flesh. They gobble up all that the world has to offer and yet try to walk as if they are mine. They are not walking in My fullness. It is time to fill yourself with Me. Time to fill yourself with My word. Time to fill yourself with My spirit. Time to eat the fat and drink the sweet. It is time for you to be so full you are pressed down shaken together and running over. For what you feed the most becomes strongest. So I say, feed on My word, feed on Me. Become strong and let Me be big in your life sayeth the Lord.

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