Are you not mine?

Who will you listen to? For I have seen what is happening today. I know the travesty. For there are those who say they are mine and speak in My name, yet they do NOT speak My word. They do not know Me nor My Spirit. I say and have said, seek YE first My kingdom. For those who seek Me WILL find Me. Those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, shall be filled. You search Me out. I sent My Spirit to you, the spirit of truth, to dwell in you. For He will reveal all truth to you. Yes, there are some who speak My word, in spirit and in truth. Yet, you must know Me. You must know My word. You must know and recognize My Spirit for yourself. Remember this, spirit gives birth to spirit, flesh unto flesh. Those who know and love Me, you will know by My Spirit, for they will walk in and act in all I am sayeth the Lord.

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