Will you move?

Will you move in Me, in my presence or will you move in your own power? Will you move in the spirit or in the flesh? There are those, called by My name, who move in the sensual realm. They move according to their feelings, according to the flesh. They do not function in My spirit. They are not submitted to Me. Those who submit to Me, to My spirit, they move in and by Me. They dwell in My glory. They move as the wind of My spirit blows. So be submitted to Me, all of who you are, every area. Allow My Spirit to consume you. Let go of that sensual selfish realm, for the longer you function in it, you will stay in it, you will be cut off. I can graft some back in, yet they MUST be submitted to Me. They must rely on Me and not on their own strength sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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