Have you been saturated?

Have you been saturated in Me, My spirit and My word? Are you full? Are you full of Me, My spirit and My word?  For those who are saturated ooze out all I am. They drip with all I am, all I have. For I am love. Many of My people are just dried up. They have become husks of who I was. They cannot and do not show forth who I am. I tell you today, I am available to all. All who would humble themselves and call upon Me, not their idea of Me. Allow Me to fill you and saturate you with Me. Allow Me to fill you up so you may pour out all of whom I am. Those who are saturated with Me, they act as Me, they walk as Me, they talk as Me. So allow Me to saturate your life today. Allow Me to consume EVERY area of your life sayeth the Lord God Jehovah.

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