Where is your treasure at?

Allow Me to open the box of your heart. I will show you and expose exactly where your treasure is. For where your treasure is there will your heart be also. Do you not think I know? Do you think I do not see? For I know the hidden things of your heart. I know the deepest desires. For what goes in is what comes out. For out the of the abundance, the overflow of your heart, your mouth speaks. For I tell you, ANYTHING you treasure above Me is an idol. It has become a false god. For when I asked for your life, I asked for all of it, not just parts, here and there. I ask you, will you give Me your heart today? Will you give Me all of it? Allow Me to be your treasure. Allow Me to be your all consuming prize, the love of your life. For until you do you will NEVER know Me, you will never have a place in My kingdom sayeth the Lord God Jehovah.

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