Let Me kiss you!

Let Me kiss you with My glory. Let Me wrap My arms around you and hold you tight. Allow Me to bring you into My presence with singing and gladness. Do you not know I joy over you? Have you not seen I dance over you? For every time you do My will, every time you obey My voice, you give Me honor, you give Me glory. You are marked as mine. You have been marked as My own. I have set aside the very best for you. As you glorify Me and put Me before all, I will lift you up for all to see. I see your love. I know your heart. Allow Me to cover you and dwell in and amongst you. I desire the very best for you. For you have been called and you have chosen, chosen Me before all else. So let Me love on you and show you off, for I know in all things you will give Me all the glory, honor and praise sayeth the Lord God almighty.

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