Has the clock struck?

For lo, I tell you this, though it may seem to be a dark hour, I will shake all. Though you may seem trapped and caged in, I will break all loose. Just remember, I am He who sets the captives free. I am He who will cause all things that seem impossible to crumble and fall. Just praise Me, praise Me in the midst of all things. Praise Me even when all seems to fail and fall around you. Be that sacrifice of praise. Watch as I prove myself to you. Watch as I show to all the deliverance of My hand. For remember sorrow may endure for a moment, yet joy cometh in the morning. For I am the joy of your salvation. I am Lord God your deliverer. Rest in Me, rely upon Me and see the mighty works I do for those who trust in, rely upon and love Me fully sayeth the Lord.

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