Are you taught?

Have I taught your fingers to fight and your hands to war? Am I not a God of war? I have told you to fight the good fight of faith. My spirit leads and guides you. For though the enemy is a defeated foe, you are to still take ground. Have I not said, every place the souls of your feet tread I have given to you? The enemy would have you believe he is bigger, badder and more powerful than he really is.  It is time to take ground by force, by My spirit, by My name and by the blood of the lamb. I have given you all the tools and weapons you need. Just remember you are My child. You are an overcomer. You are MORE than a conquer. For you are seated at My right hand. The enemy is under your feet. Let Me remove all that would prevent you from seeing yourself as I see you and walk in My fullness says the Mighty Lord of hosts.

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