Has the arrow flown?

Have you set your sights and targeted your mark? For many of My people just throw out random prayers. They have not decreed a thing so that it may be established unto them in FAITH. My ears become filled with incessant words, constant talking. It is as if they are shooting arrows in the sky, hoping they will hit something. I say to you, pray My word. Pray in the spirit. For when you do not know what to pray, the spirit does. I said ask and it shall be given to you, ask in My name, release your faith. Believe I am. Believe that you receive, for I am willing. I am looking to prove myself strong on behalf of those who love Me and walk in faith. So I say, let the arrow fly. Release it, expecting to accomplish all I have said. For remember, I watch over My word to perform it and it will not return void sayeth the Lord.

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