Prayer to a HOLY God – by Tanner age 18

The thing that is vitally important in the life of a believer is prayer. This is what sets true believers apart from the rest of the church. Leonard Ravenhill said, “a man is only as good as His prayer life.” The “prayer closet” is where a believer lays down the flesh and pride, builds their relationship with the Father and intercedes for others. This is also where God sculpts and teaches believers. It is wonderful when a believer allows God to father them in the quietness and stillness. That is the place where God’s power is manifest in the greatest way. In prayer and from prayer, whether we feel it or not, God transforms hearts and therefore changes lives. In previous articles when I have said “spend time with Him”, this is what I mean. Prayer is anything from thanking and praising, to intercession. Out of all of it comes a wonderful relationship. You will hear God more clearly (His voice will be louder than the flesh), your discernments will be clearer and God will reveal the truth to you. All of My revelations on holiness came from time spent with God where He taught me the importance of holiness. The truth is so clear when it comes straight from God. A prayer life also feeds righteousness and “righteousness bares its fruit unto holiness.” Holiness comes out of relationship with God and relationship comes out of time spent with Him(prayer). A believer will never be totally pure unless they go directly to God and have a relationship with Him. After all, how do you please someone if you don’t know what they want and how do you know what someone wants if you don’t have a relationship with them? Relationship comes through prayer and a believer will never live in the fullness of God’s will without a prayer life. Most people(Christians) who doubt a lot and are miserable have no prayer life and furthermore have no relationship with God. That is not what God intends for us. God wants relationship and that is only obtained through a prayer life, not from a place of religion but out of a place of love for Him. Prayer is the way believers mature and become great men and women of God who love Him and will do anything for Him. God is so in love with us, but we have to take the steps to get to know Him and that step is prayer through love.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 King James Version (KJV)   Pray without ceasing.

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  1. When God tells us something, it actually gives us power to do it, or live in it.


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