Month: February 2018

Will you dine with Me?

I ask of you, will you come in and sup with Me? Will you eat the bread of life? For I have given myself for you. I desire to commune with My beloved. Too many have placed their importance on other things, some things… Continue Reading “Will you dine with Me?”

Are you thirsty?

Let Me saturate you! Let Me fill you with the oil of My spirit. Allow Me to quench your thirst and fill you to overflowing. There are many who do not realize they are dry. They do not understand why they have became weary… Continue Reading “Are you thirsty?”

Are you prepared for more?

Is your cup empty? Is it half full? Does it still have a remnant of the past, of what used to be? I tell you, unless the cup is empty, I cannot, I will not fill it again. For if the oil is bad,… Continue Reading “Are you prepared for more?”

Have you been refreshed?

I would ask you, have you been refreshed? No? Well, allow My living waters to wash over you. Allow the rain of My spirit to flood every area of your life. Are you dry and weary? Then come to Me, drink deep of the… Continue Reading “Have you been refreshed?”

Have you taken it in?

Have you taken in My word? Have you allowed it to become a part of you? Has My visage shown forth? As you take in My word and allow My spirit to fill you, you become more like Me. Soon, all those around you… Continue Reading “Have you taken it in?”

Do you know it?

Do you know it? Do you believe it? Nothing can separate you from My love. Not height, nor depth, nor angel, nor demon, nor principality or sin. For remember, I loved you while you were yet in sin. Nothing can separate Me from loving… Continue Reading “Do you know it?”

Repentance and judgment – by Tanner age 18

Two words that are often misunderstood are repentance and judgment. Generally speaking most people think repentance is saying “I’m sorry” and they think that judgment is punishment. Repentance is a change of heart/mind. Judgment or discernment is determining of what sort something is(good or… Continue Reading “Repentance and judgment – by Tanner age 18”

Can I love you?

Have you been swept away? Have you been swept away with My love for you, with My glory, with My presence and My Spirit? Will you allow Me to? Allow Me to sweep you away. Allow Me to flood over you and sweep you… Continue Reading “Can I love you?”

What do you desire?

How badly do you want it? Is it enough to cry out when everyone else tells you to be silent? Is it enough to be condemned by those you love and those around you? Does not My word say, as the deer pants for… Continue Reading “What do you desire?”

Will you let Me do it?

Let Me cradle you in My arms. Let Me hold you close to Me. Allow Me to wrap you in My presence, in My glory and in My fullness. Allow Me to fill you with My spirit. For Lo, many are hungry and thirsty.… Continue Reading “Will you let Me do it?”