Has it cried out?

Has deep cried out to deep? Have you sought Me in earnest desire? For lo, I will speak to you. I will speak to you the deep mysteries of My goodness, My love, and of all I am. Yes, I will speak to you the deep things of Me. For lo, I will be found of those who seek Me. I will call to you. I will come in unto you in the secret place, in that place of intimate communion. Set your face like flint. Yes, set it towards Me. For I will come in unto you. I will cover you with the blanket of my spirit, the blanket of My presence and swaddle you and comfort you. Yes, come to Me, let Me cover you and touch the deep parts of who you are. Let deep cry out to deep. For I will transform you, I will change you and I will overflow you sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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