Who has gone before you?

For I would say, who is your defense? I am your victory. I have gone before you. For I am your shield and your buckler. Remember, I have gone before you, to prepare a place for you. I have sent the comforter. Although the battle has been won, there will still be a fight. Just remember, I have gone before you. I have driven out the enemy. I have put him to an open shame. You are more than a conqueror. For you are mine, you carry My name. Those who walk in Me, in My Spirit and in faith, they walk in My victory. For nothing can touch those who abide in Me. The enemy would love nothing more than to have you falter and fall. Then he can condemn, gloat and accuse. Yet I am faithful, true and just. Stand up, repent and move forward. Continue to take ground, for you are mine sayeth the Lord of hosts.

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