Have you come to Me? Have you saught My face? I tell you, go forth, yet I ask you this…what has gone before you? I say, have you let the weapon of praise go before you? Lift up your voice, magnify My name! Let your praises go out before you. For remember this, I inhabit the praises of My people. Shout! Shout I say! Shout with a voice of praise. For as you do, you will see, the enemy has fled before you. For I will cause your voice to be that of mine. I will use your mouth as a mighty weapon of war. Just lift up your voice, in spirit and in truth. Let your life be that sacrifice of praise and shout to the atmosphere. Shout it out of love, declare it out of your life and relationship with Me and see the great and mighty things I do sayeth the Lord.

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