Month: January 2018

Where have you placed it?

Where have you placed your faith? Have you placed it in Me? Have you placed it in My word? Have you placed it in all I am? For many have placed their faith in other things, in other areas. For I have said, I… Continue Reading “Where have you placed it?”

Have I stilled it?

Have I stilled it? Have I stilled the raging storm? Have I not caused the winds and the waves to be still? Then why do you fear? Why do My people walk around as if I am incapable of doing it again? Am I… Continue Reading “Have I stilled it?”

What have you accumulated?

What is that you are working for? Is it eternal? Is it for Me and My glory or for your own selfishness? Many of My people are unaware of what they are accumulating. Many are piling up nothing more than wood, hay and stubble.… Continue Reading “What have you accumulated?”

Have you used it?

Have you? Have you used it? Have you used the weapons I have given you? Have you used the weapon of praise and worship? Do you not know? Did you not realize? For I tell you this, praise and worship is a mighty weapon.… Continue Reading “Have you used it?”

Can I be with you?

Can I be with you or will you walk away? I desire to be with you all through the night and the day. Can I be with you? In My presence will you stay? Will you hold firm to My hand or with each… Continue Reading “Can I be with you?”

Do you know Me?

Do you know Me or just know My name? Do you seek Me or do you seek out your own gain? I have called you! For no man comes to Me unless I call them, unless My Spirit draws them. There are too many… Continue Reading “Do you know Me?”

Seek the HOLY Spirit by Tanner -age 18

When someone receives the Holy Spirit, the lense they look through changes. They begin to think holy. God, now that He is in that person, has a louder voice in their life. They have new conviction…holy conviction. God has put a pure and Godly… Continue Reading “Seek the HOLY Spirit by Tanner -age 18”

Has it cried out?

Has deep cried out to deep? Have you sought Me in earnest desire? For lo, I will speak to you. I will speak to you the deep mysteries of My goodness, My love, and of all I am. Yes, I will speak to you… Continue Reading “Has it cried out?”

Has it been marred?

Has My beauty been marred? For lo, religion, traditions of men and the flesh have tried. Yet know this, I will be glorified amongst all men. I will be magnified amongst all nations. For I have set aside those whose hearts are towards Me.… Continue Reading “Has it been marred?”

Would you press in?

Would you press in, press in to the secret place?  Would you hide in the cleft of the rock, would you abide in Me?  There are so many of My people who do not. Many who search for their own good pleasure. Those who… Continue Reading “Would you press in?”