Holiness Part 10 by Tanner age 18

The only way holiness is possible is by faith. In God’s holiness you are saved from sin and the bible says “we are saved by grace through faith.” This means when you release your faith, grace comes to do the work. In this article I want to talk about faith and the way this affects the fruit your life bares. In multiple articles I have talked about believing in the work that has been done in you. It is very important to understand that the way you believe determines the fruit you bare. The bible says, “you know a tree by its fruit.” What you believe is where your root is. If your believing is off, you will have a dead and/or perverted tree and an unhealthy tree will produce unhealthy fruit. So, if you believe that you will always fail and amount to nothing, your life will reveal that…your life would reveal that you don’t care. If you believe that you are destined for greatness and you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you…your life will reveal that. People who believe this are unstoppable and constantly grow. This is what is required of a believer…to believe in Him. There are many people who believe that they will always mess up and ultimately fail…It’s no wonder they mess up and fail all the time. They believe they are “an accident” waiting to happen. They may not even want to mess up but they have believed a lie and given up the truth of God’s word for a lie. At all times we have truth and a lie set before us. The bible says, “set before you is life and death therefore choose life.” The truth about you according to the bible is, you are “holy, blameless, beyond reproach,” “saved,” “set free,” “healed,” “delivered.” You already are. So, what will you choose?…Will you believe the lie?

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