Where have you spent it?

For lo, every man has been given a measure of currency. Where have you spent it? The currency is time and faith. Where have you spent it? Many of My people have spent their currency upon other things, things that amount to nothing. For I tell you, once your currency is gone, it is gone. For many spend their time on that which is unfruitful. Many put their faith in that which is dead. I say, spend your currency wisely. I have put hopes, dreams, visions and My plans before you. Will you seek Me and put forth your time and faith into it? Will you invest into your relationship with Me first? For when you do, EVERYTHING else will fall into its PERFECT place. So I say, invest your time in Me. Put forth your faith into action and watch it grow, for I am God and I do not lie. Invest in Me and see all I do. See the increase in every area of your life sayeth the Lord.

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