Are My mercies new?

Yes, for you woke up this morning. I have said, no man is promised tomorrow. For I have given you this day, this time. I have opened the door for you to worship Me. I have opened the door for you to lift Me up. Look around you, I am the breath of life. All that is around you is a testimony of Me. So I say, take My life, take My love. Be all I have created you to be and share Me with a lost and dying world. Let them see Me. Let them know Me. Reveal to them My mercy, for it endures forever. Yes, I am merciful, yet I am also just and righteous. Show forth Me, My love and I will draw all men unto Me. For all men have that choice. For many are called but few chosen. For I know the hearts of men. I have laid before you life and death. Therefore, choose life, choose Me sayeth the Lord God Almighty.

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