Have you felt it?

Have you felt the touch of My hand? For I have touched many people. Yet they do not even recognize it was even Me. For there have been times I have put up barriers, walls and hedges around you. Many never realize it. Many call it something else. Yet it is My mercy, My grace and My love that keeps you. It is those who are tender towards Me, who know Me. They recognize and worship Me for all I do. I say to you, come close to Me. Know Me. Let Me reach out and touch you. Allow Me to cover you under the shadow of My hand. For I love you and desire you. I desire to do so much more. Just allow Me to be all you need. Recognize and know I am God, the God who loves you so. For I have called you and made you My own, My beloved sayeth the Lord of hosts.

One Comment on “HAVE YOU FELT IT?

  1. You say The Lord has put up barriers, walls & hedges to protect us. I can’t help but think of the spring & summer of 2004, when I was praying for my children, the ones God had chosen for us. I kept praying we would not second guess God’s choices. That we would accept with grateful love. I believe Gabby was totally surrounded by God from the time she was conceived. Reading the Russian court removal records, she should not be alive. Things we have discovered from x-rays make me believe this even more. I know we are all living miracles, here for spreading God’s glory to all but knowing Gabby lived through so much, as such a tiny baby, makes me feel she is even more of a miracle. Thank you for helping me remember what a miracle we all are.


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